Friday, June 3, 2016

Computational Fluid Dynamics For Beginners

      System requirement

  • Ubuntu 15.10 OS
  •  OpenFOAM 3.0.1                                                                                   

 Installation Of OpenFOAM in Ubuntu 15.01 OSInstallation of OpenFOAM in ubuntu OS is a little bit complex in itself.

  • Copy and Paste all instructions step by step in your OS terminal and install OpenFOAM software
  • Now run the test for installed software if it not working ok make log file and search all the errors on Google and take the necessary steps to correct installations.
  • After complete installation run any test simulation to ensure OpenFOAM working properly

How OpenFOAM works

  • Before work on OpenFOAM you need to know how actually OpenFOAM works for this you have to read a deeply about the Navier Stoke Equation
  • To solve higher order partial differential equations you have to apply different numerical methods as you studied in your theory courses.The three most basic are :-
    •  FDM (Finite Difference Method)
    •  FVM (Finite Volume Method)
    •  FEM (Finite Element Method)
         Finite difference method is easy to solve but less accurate.
         Finite volume method is a little bit typical but more accurate than FDM
         Finite  element method is more typical and most accurate among the three
Study Of finite difference Method and Finite Volume Method is sufficient for the beginners in CFD.
A brief study  of FDM and FVM is necessary to know the working of OpenFOAM.

After study all theory required for OpenFOAM lets on next chapter to start The CFD and a further study on OpenFOAM

Readers are also  advised to Please visit the link:
one of the good tutorials for CFD
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