Friday, June 3, 2016

               Basic Of OpenFOAM 

  • After proper installation go to your OpenFOAM directory(folder).
  • In OpenFOAM directory you will see their a number of directories are there.
  • To understand the functionality of OpenFOAM we have to understand the functionality of each directory.
  • First go to the tutorials directory and there are also many directories present inside it like basic,heat transfer,incompressible.These are the cases we want to solve for like we want to solve for incompressible fluid so wwe chose incompressible directory. 
  • In incompressible directory there are many other directories are there which are thee cases for the incompressible fluid or these are the  solvers for different cases for incompressible fluids.
  • Lets chose icoFoam it is used to solve for laminar case of incompressible fluid 
  • Each directory contains three directory inside it these are  0 ,constant and  system
        • Function of individual directory (0,constant and system)
    • 0 directory function
      • 0 directory:- contains the initial and boundary conditions  of different parameters like pressure and  velocity
      • constant directory :- it contains the geometry of  the shape we are solving for and the transport properties of fluid that remains constant for the simulation time
      • System directory:- it mainly contain 4 files named as  blockmeshDict,controlDict,fvSchemes and fvSolutions
            • here bllockmesh is  used to mesh the geometry to solve by the  FVM method 
            • controlDict contains the informations about the timing of simulations
            • fvSchemes and fvSolutions are used as an solvers for the given conditions here in fvschemes and fvSolutions many name as Eular,Guass linear solving techniques are given read more about to know how solutions are find for  different cases.

  •  In main directory of OpenFOAM contains another directory named as src which contains all the source code for the different solvers  are being used in the solutions of different cases.
  • You can study the codes and know  more about how the solution is done by different methods.

So here we stopped today.Next we will start from the working and different cases in OpenFOAM.

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